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The following are emergency guidelines in response to the confirmed COVID-19 positive case in the Municipality of Igbaras, Iloilo. As per Executive Order No. 06-33, series of 2020 | dated June 01, 2020.

1) All residents are advised to STAY AT HOME and only one person is allowed to transact essential needs/businesses outside the residence;
2) Everyone is advised to strictly follow minimum Health Protocol such as Wearing of Mask, Social Distancing, Personal Hygiene, Hand Washing and use of alcohol/sanitizer;
3) Mandatory provision of alcohol or sanitizer to clients of public and private offices / business establishments with floor mats soaked in zonrox / chlorine solution at the entrance and exit of the offices / business establishments;
4) Entrance and Exit of people in the municipality shall be discouraged or limited only to those with essential needs;
5) Transaction in the Local Government Unit shall be temporarily suspended or limited until further notice; and
6) Those considered high risk individual who has history of contact with the patient shall be submitted to RT-PCR Testing.
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